-Virtual Retreat-
The business retreat for business owners

Objective: helping to equip business owners with the clarity, mentality and strategy they need for deliver the next level of their business growth in the new year.

Target: For Entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to expand and scale their business in the new year.

Business owners who feel overwhelmed and stuck, and are looking for the right strategy that can take their business results to the next level.

This is also for people in sales, who are looking for tested and trusted ways to increase their numbers in the new year

For those who need a mental shift that will help them be sharper, more productive in the direction they want to go in life and business.


 “It’s Time For Your Next Level. . .Go For It !”


Business blueprint design for 2022

Industry Forecast and Planning (breakout session)

Q & A Session

Mind Transforming Keynote sessions:

  • The New Improved Leader – Alex Adefemi
  • Increasing Your Sales in 2022 – Dawood Ayesh
  • Structuring Your Business For The Next Level– Monique Blokzyl
  • Becoming a Global Investor in 2022 – Motunrayo Ade Famoti


Alex Ade Adefemi fondly referred to as Triple A, is a Human & Business performance Expert who works closely with top performing business and corporate leaders to help them bring put the best performance in themselves and their people every day.

He is a leader of leaders, coach to coaches and mentor to mentors. He deeply understands the science and art of performance and how to turn it into personal power.

Becoming a Global Investor in 2022: Keys to unlocking the mindset for next level investing – Motunrayo Ade Famoti

Increasing Your Sales in 2022: How to build a sales engine for increased profits in 2022 – Dawood Ayesh

Structuring Your Business For The Next Level: Building a system that will grow your business to the next level – Monique Blokzyl